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Selected publications

Selected publications:

1) Jessen, B., Faller, S., Krempl, C. D., and Ehl, S. (2011). MHC-dependent CTL repertoire and functional avidity contribute to strain-specific disease susceptibility after murine RSV infection. J. Virol. 85: 10135-10143.

2) Heinze, B., Frey, S., Mordstein, M., Schmitt-Gräff, A., Ehl, S., Buchholz, U.J., Collins, P. L., Staeheli, P., and Krempl, C. D. (2011). Both nonstructural proteins NS1 and NS2 of pneumonia virus of mice are inhibitors of the interferon type I and type III responses in vivo. J.Virol. 85:4071-4084.

3) Wilhelm, K., Ganesan, J. Müller, T., Dürr, C., Grimm, M., Beilhack, A., Krempl, C. D., Sorichter, S., Gerlach, U. V., Jüttner, E., Zerweck, A., Gärtner, F., Pellegatti, P., Di Virgilio, F., Ferrari, D., Kambham, N., Fisch, P., Finke, J., Idzko, M., and Zeiser, R. (2010). Graft-versus-host disease is enhanced by extracellular ATP activating P2X7R. Nat. Med. 16:1434-1438.

4) Buchholz, U. J., Ward, J. M., Lamirande, E. W., Heinze, B., Krempl, C. D., and Collins, P. L. (2009). Deletion of nonstructural proteins NS1 and NS2 from pneumonia virus of mice attenuates viral replication and reduces pulmonary cytokine expression and disease. J. Virol. 83: 1969-1980.

5) Frey, S., Krempl, C. D., Schmitt-Graff, A., and Ehl, S. (2008). Role of T cells in virus control and di-sease after infection with pneumonia virus of mice. J. Virol. 82: 11619-11627.

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