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    Institut für Virologie und Immunbiologie




    Tissue culture mainly involving primary T cells and dendritic cells generated from bone marrow or human monocytes

    Establishment of 3D cultures (tracheal model)

    Generation and amplification of recombinant measles viruses (virus bindung, uptake and trafficking studies)

    Cloning of expression vectors and mutagenesis

    Genetic manipulation of cell lines and primary cells (DNA and siRNA transfection, lentiviral transduction for transgene expression or gene silencing)



    Sphingomyelinase activity assays (and other enzymatic assays)

    FACScanning and FACSsorting

    Functional assays:
    Cytokine measurements (ELISA, FACS)

    Endocytosis assays

    Adhesion and Migration assays

    Proliferation assays (3H incorporation, CFSE labeling)

    Viability assays

    Confocal microcopy

    Live cell imaging