Institut für Virologie und Immunbiologie

    Flow Cytometry / Cell Sorting

    The Institute provides access to analytical flow cytometry for registered persons with expertise on the use of the following cytometers:

    Flow Cytometry                        Booking via Yahoo Caldender

    FACScan         Room 322          ID
    FACScan         Room 117          ID
    FACS Calibur   Room 322          ID
    FACS Calibur   Room 117          ID
    LSR II             Room 322          ID

    If you have not registered yet, please contact Christian Linden (Tel.31-89739). 

    Cell Sorting - Room No. 144

    FACS Vantage  Booking by appointment only, please contact Christian Linden (Tel.31-89739).
    FACS Aria III   Booking by appontment only, please contact Christina Linden (Tel. 31-89739).

    *How to prepare cell samples for cell sorting 

    General Informations, Links, Protocols

    *German Society for Cytometry (
    *International Society for Cytometry (
    *Salk Flow Cytometry provides protocols and introductions to FACScan and LSR II 
    *Table of Fluorochromes (
    *Spectrum Viewer for BD Flow cytometers


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