Flow Cytometry / Cell Sorting

The Institute provides access to analytical flow cytometry for registered persons with expertise on the use of the following cytometers:


Flow Cytometry                        Booking via Yahoo Caldender

FACScan         Room 322          ID vimscan322@yahoo.com
FACScan         Room 117          ID vimscan117@yahoo.com
FACS Calibur   Room 322          ID vimcalibur322@yahoo.com
FACS Calibur   Room 117          ID vim_facs117@yahoo.com
LSR II             Room 322          ID vimlsr2@yahoo.com

If you have not registered yet, please contact Christian Linden (Tel.31-89739). 

Cell Sorting - Room No. 144

FACS Vantage  Booking by appointment only, please contact Christian Linden (Tel.31-89739).
FACS Aria III   Booking by appontment only, please contact Christina Linden (Tel. 31-89739).

*How to prepare cell samples for cell sorting 


General Informations, Links, Protocols

*German Society for Cytometry (http://www.dgfz.org)
*International Society for Cytometry (http://www.isac-net.org)
*Salk Flow Cytometry provides protocols and introductions to FACScan and LSR II 
*Table of Fluorochromes (http://pingu.salk.edu/flow/fluo.html)
*Spectrum Viewer for BD Flow cytometers