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    Computational methods for high-throughput experiments


    • Slides for testing and plotting online
    • All slides on RNA-seq are online
    • The slides of the first part on RNA-seq are online
    • The slides for the Hands-On session on BASH as well as the links to recommended BASH tutorials are online
    • The slides of the first session are online
    • First seminar will take place on May 9th, 15h (c.t.)

    General information

    Lecturer: Florian Erhard

    Time: Tue, 15-17h (c.t.)

    Place: Seminarraum der Virologie (E5.S268)


    The advent of high-throughput technologies such as next generation sequencing or quantitative high-resolution mass spectrometry has revolutionized biological research. In a single experiment, quantitative parameters can be determined not only for a handful of genes, but for all genes simultaneously. Due to the falling costs and the continuously improving techniques, high-throughput experiments have become an integral part of many disciplines in life sciences.

    Biological research based on high-throughput experiments is intimately connected with computational and statistical approaches. First, high-throughput data is huge: A single experiment easily generates dozens of gigabytes of raw data and managing and processing these data sets has consequently become one of the central topics in bioinformatics research. Furthermore, high-throughput data is affected by measurement errors, and bias and noise in the data must be controlled for by statistical models.

    The goal of this seminar series is to give students from any discipline in biology a basic understanding of the potential and the pitfalls that come with high-throughput data. In addition, hands-on sessions will provide fundamental skills for the practical work with such big data sets. Prior knowledge on bioinformatics is not required.


    • Background on computational biology for high-throughput experiments
    • Pitfalls of high-throughput data and genome-wide analyses
    • Discussion of recent research papers
    • Hands-on tutorials (Commandline / BASH, R, Tools)


    19.5.Basics of Next-Generation-Sequencing
    216.5.Hands-on BASH
    323.5.Hands-on BASH contd
    56.6.RNA-seq contd
    613.6.Statistical testing
    720.6.Plots & Plotting
    827.6.Functional analysis (e.g. GO)
    94.7.Tools for high-dimensional data (e.g. PCA)
    1011.7.Advanced sequencing techniques

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