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    Institut für Virologie und Immunbiologie
    Curriculum Vitae:
    1968-1974 Studies in Biology at the Universities of Wuerzburg and Heidelberg
    1979-1981 Postdoc with Prof. Dr. M.Bevan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    1981-1985 Head of a research group of the SFB 105, Wuerzburg
    1984 Habilitation in Immunology
    1985-1990 Group Leader, Gene Center/MPI Munich
    since 1990 Chairman of the Department of Immunology at the Institute for Virology and Immunobiology, University of Wuerzburg
    Research Topics: Development, specifity and activation of T-cells, Costimulation of T-lymphocytes, Immunotherapy via CD28, Modulation of immune responses to pathogens, Autoimmunity
    Selected awards:
    1985 Karl-Winnacker fellowship
    1985 Heisenberg fellowship
    1985 Award of the German Society for Hygiene and Microbiology
    1994 Aronson-Preis 1994
    1997 Humboldt/South African Research Award
    Membership in Advisory Boards:
    1992-2002 Advisory Board of the "German Society for Immunology"
    since 1997 Scientific Advisory Board of the Institute for Immunology, Heidelberg
    2001-2007 Scientific Advisory Board of the BNI for Tropical Medicine, Hamburg
    since 2001 Scientific Advisory Board of the Research Center Borstel
    since 2002 IZKF Erlangen
    since 2007 Member of the Scientific Advisory Board, Wilhelm- Sander-Stiftung
    since 2/2008 Member of the Biomedical Commission of the Fritz Thyssen Foundation
    Project management:
    1982-1985 SFB 105, project leader
    1987-1990 SFB 1187, project leader
    1990-1998 SFB 165, project leader
    1992-1995 HFSPO RG-340/92M "Molecular Basis of Cell Interactions in Thymopoiesis", project leader
    1996-2003 SFB 465, project leader
    since 1998 SFB 479, project leader
    2002-2009 SFB 479, Speaker
    since 2000 SFB 581, project leader
    since 1996 IZKF, project leader, since 2002 member of the steering committee
    1999-2002 European Graduate College "Gene Regulation in and by Microbial Pathogens", project leader
    1991-1999 Graduate College "Infektiologie", project leader
    since 2000 Graduiertenkolleg 520 "Immunmodulation", Speaker
    1999-2006 Coordinator VW-Nachwuchsgruppe
    1991-1997 BMBF-Verbundprojekt "SIV-Modell in Rhesusaffen", project leader
    1997-2003 DFG-Forschergruppe "Defective transkriptional activation", project leader
    since 2008 SFB/TR 52, project leader
    since 2008 IGK 1522 (HIV/AIDS and associated Infectious Diseases in Southern Africa", project leader
    since 7/2009 Clinical research group "Characterization of the Oncogenic Signaling Network in Multiple Myeloma: Development of Targeted Therapies", project leader
    since 12/2009 Speaker IZKF Wuerzburg

    Universität Würzburg
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    97070 Würzburg

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